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Frequently Asked Questions

What payment processor does Kanekta use?

We have partnered with Braintree by Paypal and their marketplace services to ensure highly secure online business-to-business transactions. This service lets you to purchase with confidence and flexibility through a mix of pay-in methods like cards, bank payments, PayPal, and leading wallets. With systems in place to handle both immediate and pre-sale orders, our built-in payment processing ensures smooth transactions for all parties involved.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my order upon delivery?

If you have any issues with your order upon delivery, please email and we will mediate the situation.

Should I expect to pay additional customs and duties upon delivery of the merchandise?

Our partner brands are spread across the globe therefore customs and duties are unavoidable. Depending on the relationship of the sending and receiving country, please be aware that customs and duties may apply and are not reflected on the platform.

What does Kanekta vetting process for brands and suppliers look like?

We have a comprehensive vetting process to ensure that our partners adhere to set ethical standards. You can access it here. We really stress that we are not in search of perfection; it is impossible to be 100% at anything. That being said, we only work with brands that know their supply chain and are transparent about it. Alongside assessing ethical and environmental practices, we assess intent. This includes but is not limited to the existence of a strong mission built into the core business model and a game plan for continuous improvement.

How often are new products added?

Every seller runs on a different design schedule. As soon as new collections are available for wholesale, brands will update their individual showrooms. This can occur on a seasonal or sporadic basis. We are continuously adding new brands onto Kanekta so there will always be something new for your store at the start of every buying season.