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Maximize Your Mission

Kanekta makes incorporating wholesale into a brand’s sales strategy easy by placing the power and control back in the hands of brands. Together, we can increase the availability of responsible goods within the mainstream market.

Access to Buyers Across the Globe

Discover a community of brick and mortar and online retailers from across the globe in search of emerging brands committed to social and environmental impact.

Personalized Platform

Create your own digital showroom and customized profile page, fully equipped with built-in payment processing and integrations with inventory management systems.

Built-in Management Tools

Manage all your wholesale orders in one place with our suite of management tools including sales reports, customer dashboards, and a built-in line sheet generator.

How It Works
  1. Apply to Sell
    Get in touch so we can learn about your products, your brand, and your wholesale goals.
  2. Complete our Ethics Check
    Either provide proof of a third-party certification or go through our verification process to ensure transparency and fairness throughout your supply chain.
  3. Start Selling
    Begin set up of your showroom and profile page with the help of our team to ensure your success on Kanekta.
As a conscious brand it is challenging and costly to reach larger audiences and grow our list of stockists, Kanekta bridges the gap between our brand and stores while creating a community of like-minded businesses
Brands on Kanekta