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Savvy & Sustainable Style: Maven Women Spotlight

May 14, 2019
Designed and inspired for the fashion-forward working woman, Maven Women offers a chic and savvy approach to ready to wear business, after work, and weekend apparel. With a variety of dresses and separates to fit all her wardrobe needs, sustainability and fair trade are at the forefront of this brand. Holding badges on the Kanekta platform in artisan made, fair trade, organic, vegan, and eco conscious, founder Rebecca Ballard is passionate about offering her customers stylish, functional, and sustainable fashion in every collection she makes.

Rebecca was inspired to create Maven Women while pursuing her career as a social justice lawyer. While diving into the issues surrounding the global fashion industry, Rebecca felt determined to express her passions and concerns for global change. During this time she found that she was not alone in this matter and that many other women were struggling to find sustainable and ready to wear business attire. From this, the idea for Maven Women was born. While planning, sourcing, and building out the company, Rebecca was going through her first pregnancy and is now pregnant with her second child. This is a reminder to Rebecca that all women are unique when it comes to body size, fit, and that women’s bodies fluctuate and change over time. She continued building Maven Women with body diversity in mind. With an array of fits and styles, Rebecca is proud to share that Maven Women is designed and inspired by the amazing women who wear their pieces.

We spoke with Rebecca to learn more from her about Maven Women, her mission behind the brand, and how her company plays a role in creating positive and impactful change in the fashion industry.

1. What was your inspiration to start Maven Women?

I started Maven Women because I could not find clothing that matched my values, vocation, and aesthetic. I voiced my concerns to friends, learned I was not alone, and Maven Women was born out of our collective desires for something better.

2. How would you describe Maven Women to someone finding the brand for the first time?

Maven Women creates elegant day-to-evening attire that honors people and the planet at each step. Our investment pieces span ages and stages, making them cost far less per wear.

3. In which direction do you see the future of sustainable brands going?

Putting on my optimistic hat, I love seeing innovative sustainable brands popping up in nearly every clothing category, matching so many aesthetics. My hope is that sustainability becomes mainstream, with sustainable brands providing competitive market pressure that either prompts those without sustainable practices to become so or even replaces their role in the market. Yet I have seen so many sustainable brands close their doors over the past three years. It's hard to make it in fashion as a new brand, and even harder as a new sustainable brand considering the additional resources it takes and how hard it is to get competitive prices. I think successful sustainable brands will be those built to weather the storms of the first five to ten years as a new brand, which will be many. They must have a strong market niche, be appropriately capitalized, and have smart financials and a tenacious and experienced leadership team.

4. How do you see the future of your own brand?

We are three years young and have learned so much during that time. Our first three years were intensely focused on creating a quality product. We have used customer surveys and feedback, trials with many potential supply chain partners, and many, many fittings to hone our fabric and styles. I'm so excited about our new American Eco-Innovation Collection, which is a modern take on timeless silhouettes and is launching now with beautiful dresses and skirts…and soon tops!

5. What is your proudest moment thus far in Maven Women's journey?

When I have fit a style on a range of women, from different sizes to builds, and can see that it truly fits and flatters every single woman that tries it on.

6. Where do you manufacture your collections? Is there a reason why you chose those locations?

We seek locations that reduce the footprint of our supply chain, making use of local materials. Additionally, we value both preserving artisanal traditions and creating unique, handmade pieces as well as technological innovation that improves quality and reduces costs. Our Global Artisan Collection is made in Jaipur, India in a fair trade setting. This collection makes use of beautiful Indian organic cotton and uses handmade artisanal techniques to create a unique block-printed liner for each piece. Our American Eco-Innovation Collection is made within a ten-mile radius in Los Angeles, from knitting to shipment, and uses technology to cut down on fabric waste.

7. What excites you about partnering with Kanekta?

Our pieces are unlike anything most consumers have seen. We are excited to partner with Kanekta retailers looking for something unique, lasting, and versatile with broad appeal and impeccable quality. We’re also happy to have retailers “try before you buy”, so if you’d like to take a look at one of our pieces in person just let us know. We trust you’ll be blown away by our quality, as we are truly “affordable luxury” and were profiled as such at the State of Fashion last year.

8. Where can we find and follow your journey online?

Website -
Instagram - @mavenwomen
Facebook - @mavenwomen