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Get your Store Summer Ready with these 3 Clean Skin and Hair Care Brands

January 29, 2019
In an increasingly busy world, self-care is often overlooked. Whether it be taking a moment to go on a walk or spending a night in, having access to clean personal care products that support this can make it easier to incorporate balance into a hectic routine. As influencers and often the first touch point a brand has to everyday individuals, it is up to buyers of independent stores to do the research and supply the cleanest options available to their customers.

At Kanekta, we are passionate about offering our buyers transparency into each brand so you know exactly what you are sourcing. The impact badges associated with each brand can help identify key areas each business chooses to focus on. Whether it be using fair trade, organic and/or vegan ingredients, many of the brands on Kanekta hold multiple badges.

Here are a few clean beauty brands for women and men you can confidently stock on your shelves!

Magic Organic Apothecary

It all started with an aim to live a clean, chemical free life when founder Charlie Fowler was looking to soothe her daughter's eczema. One creation led to another and Magic Organic Apothecary was developed. This brand is a natural and organic skin care line based in England. Inspired by old herbal folklore and a sprinkle of magic, this brand offers a selection of various products that are designed to soothe the mind, body, and spirit. Using organically-grown yarrow (a healing plant of the daisy family) in combination with an array of botanical oils, their line was born. To stock their products and learn more about the brand be sure to visit their profile over on Kanekta.

Impact Badges: Organic
Brand Profile:
Instagram: @magicorganicapothecary

Revival Body Care

Reviving you as well as the world, Revival Body Care is a clean skin and hair care brand that is dedicated to offering products that are organic, vegan, eco conscious, and fair trade. If you are looking to supply your customers with a variety of products designed for skin, lips and hair, we recommend following this conscious brand. With a focus on being free from chemicals, artificial colors, toxins, fragrances and fillers, we are confident that Revival has something to offer your buying needs. All of their products are sold in sustainable packaging and can be easily reused after the product is finished. Visit Revival Body Care’s profile over on Kanekta to stock their products and be sure to follow them on social media.

Impact Badges: Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Eco Conscious
Brand Profile: 
Instagram: @revivalbodycare

Wise Men’s Care

Looking to stock clean grooming products for men and having a hard time? Wise Men’s Care has you covered. In the seat of a barber’s chair, the idea to create line of clean grooming products for men was born. This company caters to the conscious buyer and identifies as artisan made, organic and eco conscious. Wise offers a range of products for skin and hair alongside a line of organic and fair trade accessories to sell with their products or purchased individually. With reusable packaging and a natural botanical scent, this line addresses the lack of availability of clean grooming products for men in the market. Be sure to follow their journey on Instagram and shop their showroom through Kanekta today.

Impact Badges: Artisan Made, Organic, Vegan, Eco Conscious
Brand Profile:
Instagram: @wisemenscare

Photo via Unsplash