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Top 10 Boutiques for Ethical Finds

January 03, 2019
At Kanekta, we are excited to be a part of the transparency movement within wholesale and to be working alongside independent retailers who share the same values as we do. To some extent, all boutiques on our platform are passionate about sourcing ethical products: some are looking to expand their offering while others exclusively stock responsible merchandise.

We understand finding sustainable or ethical products is difficult; so let us simplify it for you!

As consumers, choice is never an issue when it comes to purchasing. The retail world is ever changing and it may seem hard to navigate through at times. Your shopping needs may change, your values may shift, and your purchasing habits may adjust as you learn and develop your knowledge about the process of how your goods were made and how much of an impact you have as a consumer. Through an array of product and brand variety, sourcing ‘good’ products can sometimes pose as a challenge. Responsible actions can be identified in a multitude of ways, but we believe that transparency should always be at the forefront of a brand!

You may find it difficult to know which brands are ethical and how to get your hands on the RIGHT products. You want your shopping experience to be positive and healthy, as it should also be for the person who made your goods!

Kanekta is dedicated to providing access for buyers and boutique retailers to shop eco-ethical brands. In doing so, consumers have greater access to products from across the globe.

We are excited to highlight a few of these boutiques to help you know where you can confidently go to purchase your next ethical find:

1. Remedy Road

Remedy Road is “paving the road to redemption” by offering their customers the availability of brands that have the same values as they do. They believe in supporting an industry that offers fair and comfortable living standards for all who are involved in the creation of the goods. They aim to supply their customers with the knowledge and support to learn about the impacts consumers have when they shop consciously. Remedy Road has a social media presence, offers all of their products on their online store, and even hold events and workshops in their shopping space to encourage community engagement. To top all of it off, Remedy Road donates 10% of their profits to non-profit organizations focused on supporting artisan-made goods.

Instagram: @remedyroad

2. Thrive Lifestyle

Located on Salt Spring Island on the West Coast of Canada, Thrive Lifestyle is a beautiful shopping destination! They offer artisan-made, quality goods from brands that represent the same sustainable and ethical values they do. From women's wear to mens, home goods, and more; it won't be hard to find that perfect piece. Being a Canadian boutique, Thrive Lifestyle is a large supporter of Canadian-made goods offering easy access to consumers looking to purchase from Canadian-made brands. Through the use of social media, their online shop, and hosting a beautiful store front, Thrive Lifestyle is available to customers in a multitude of ways allowing you to shop from anywhere!


3. The Golden Rule

The name of this boutique says it all. What is The Golden Rule you ask? It is when everyone is treated fairly in the process of making products; this value is at the forefront of this boutique. The Golden Rule encourages their consumers to shop quality versus quantity and is dedicated to educating their customers on the importance of knowing where their products came from. You can shop these ethical focused brands by visiting The Golden Rule on their website for an awesome online shopping experience. You can also follow them on social media for updates, or by attending one of their many events located in San Diego, California. You’ll never have to worry about which brands to shop if you follow The Golden Rule.

Instagram: @thegoldenrule_boutique

4. Frayla Boutique

Shopping women’s wear in Colorado Springs? Head to Frayla Boutique, a shopping destination aiming to offer their customers nothing but an impactful experience in fashion. With a mission to offer a retail space catered to ethical finds, Frayla Boutique is dedicated to stocking their shelves with fashion that makes an impact in a positive way for all. Staying eco-conscious and supporting social impact globally you can know when you shop with Frayla Boutique that their accessories, jewellry, clothing, and more come from brands with the same mission and values as they have. Visit Frayla Boutique online and on social media to see their next ethical finds!

Instagram: @fraylaboutique

5.  Seas and Sidewalks

Love shopping ethical and love shopping for the beach? Seas and Sidewalks is a local, family-owned boutique in Guam that supplies clothing, swimwear, water equipment and more! This boutique caters to sourcing ethical quality goods while offering a range of sizes by focusing on purchasing brands offering size inclusive clothing. Seas and Sidewalks had their grand opening in November 2018. This boutique is excited to grow and provide valuable shopping experiences to all who are involved, from the creation of the products to you and your purchasing experience. You can follow Seas and Sidewalks on social media to see what ethical finds they have in store for you while you prepare for your next warm weather adventure by the sea!

Instagram: @seasandsidewalks

6. Troposphere

“Doing good while looking good” is the motto of Troposhphere! Shop chic, ethical, and eco-conscious while feeling good on the inside and out knowing everyone involved benefited from your purchase. Womenswear, skincare, baby attire, and home goods; Troposhphere offers their customers a shopping experience catered to creating positive change in the ‘fast fashion’ retail world. This boutique is passionate about providing a space for sustainable goods while helping their customers learn about the impacts through conscious consumer behaviors. Through the use of social media and offering an easily navigated website you can shop this beautiful boutique from anywhere. Looking for a personal shopping experience? No problem! You can book an appointment with Troposphere over on their website!

Instagram: @_troposhpere_

7. Manifest Boutique

Passionate about artisan made, ethical, and sustainable products, Manifest Boutique aims to source nothing but quality goods for their customers. This pop-up boutique, located in Athens, Georgia, supplies brands that produce womenswear, accessories, jewelry, and more. With a mission to create sustainable living for all involved and provide products to customers that have a positive impact on the world. Stay tuned to this boutique on Instagram and follow them as they launch their online shopping experience. Also, be sure to check out their pop-up shop events when all located in Athens!


8. Elevation

Elevation is located in Vermilion, Alberta, and this Canadian boutique is passionate about offering all things beautiful in a shopping experience! With a focus primarily on womenswear you’ll be able to find sustainable and ethical goods on their online shop as well as at their store front. When you follow Elevation on social media you’ll not only be informed about all the great pieces you can find with them but you’ll be able to stay up to date on their blog which discusses topics like personal style, their unique gift box subscription, and more. Elevation offers a wide range of styles and designs helping you find the perfect ethical piece for yourself or that perfect gift!

Instagram: @elevationmbs

9. Folk Apparel

Minimal, modern, ethical and more, this sustainable boutique on the West Coast of Canada is a must-visit store front located in Victoria, BC. Can’t make it to Victoria? No worries! You can shop Folk Apparel online and purchase all the amazing pieces they have sourced for you from anywhere in the world. Through a neutral palette and simplistic pieces, Folk Apparel aims to offer their customers access to designs that support feminine charm and a relaxed appeal while showcasing elegance through all of their styles. Be sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date with all their latest ethical finds!

Instagram: @folkonfort

10. Arc Apparel

Dressing responsibly is at the forefront of Arc Apparel and they have a passion and a mission to provide ethical and sustainable options for their customers. By offering a space to shop as well as a space to educate, Arc Apparel is dedicated to sharing knowledge about the impact of purchasing sustainably made goods. You can find Arc Apparel on social media as well as on their website where you can purchase all the beautiful brands they have sourced for you. With a wide variety of products ranging from clothing, accessories, lifestyle goods and more, you won’t have a hard time finding your next wardrobe staple.

Instagram: @arcapparelca

We encourage you to visit these retailers when looking for your next ethical find! At Kanekta, we aim to create space for retailers to supply their customers with ethically-made products so the hard part in making choices is done for you.The brands on our platform are more than just creators of beautiful things, they are ethical and eco-conscious in everything they do. These boutiques who source these brands aim to offer you access to products that have impact and allow for positive change in the world. We couldn't be more thrilled to share them with you and hope you’re eager to check them out.

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight some of our favorite independent retailers on our Instagram feed so that on your next shopping adventure, you know exactly where to go.

Have a go-to boutique for your ethical finds that we didn’t mention? Share them with us on our social media and let's support the retail revolution together!

Photo via Unsplash.