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When Style Meets Sustainability: Beaumont Organic Partner Spotlight

July 04, 2017
The intersection between sustainability and style is the essence of Beaumont Organic. Founded in 2008 by Hannah Beaumont Laurencia in Manchester, England, the brand has evolved from an 8 piece collection to a pioneer in the ethical fashion world.  

With a mission to design and create 'Contemporary Conscious Clothing' using luxury fabrics for the modern woman, Beaumont Organic offers a wardrobe of transitional pieces - everything a woman needs to dress up or down, day or night. The brand combines unique silhouettes with luxury organic, fairtrade and eco fabrics to create a renowned style.  

Beaumont Organic releases two collections a year along with a range of accessories, with the goal to encapsulate an emotional bond with their customers while creating a loyal following across the globe.  

After graduating from Fashion and Textile Marketing, Hannah embarked on her career as a buyer. Soon after, she founded Beaumont Organic as a range of undyed 100% Organic Cotton T-shirts and the brand has been evolving ever since. When asked about her brand, Hannah shared her journey along with what makes her company a force in the industry.  

1. What was your inspiration to start Beaumont Organic?

I launched the range in 2008, and at the time I was a big shopper and owned numerous cotton tee’s. After doing some research, I realised the damage to the environment the growing of cotton was causing. My research lead me to find there were very few luxury organic cotton brands available and hence why I launched the collection initially with 8 beautiful t-shirts.

2. In which direction do you see the future of sustainable brands going? And how do you see the future of your own brand? 

More and more markets are beginning to see the importance of sustainability therefore I see more brands becoming sustainable – it is really the only way to do business. Beaumont Organic has a strong customer base; we are growing in the UK and Europe through wholesale accounts, online, and through flagship stores. We aim to continue growing across Europe and take on more accounts in countries we have not yet explored. 

3. How do you as a brand ensure ethical production and transparency throughout your supply chain? 

We work only with factories in the UK and Portugal under full EU regulations.  We visit the factories regularly as they are part of the Beaumont team and we speak with them daily.  We have now built long, trusting and transparent relationships with all our factories.  We also have a representative in Portugal who visits the factories weekly to ensure everything is as it should be.   

4. How do you approach new seasons and trends as an ethical fashion company?

In the same way as any fashion house; we look at shapes, colours and texture and then design from there. We are not hugely trend driven as our collection is designed to be timeless but we do always look at popular trends as any fashion house should.  Beaumont Organic has a core group of factories that we always work with so we don’t source new factories every season, just some new fabrics.

5. Who is your brand inspiration and why?

I am inspired by iconic brands like Chanel for the longevity of the brand; creating an iconic brand like Chanel requires so much dedication and clarity and I respect this highly. Safia Minney and Katherine Hamlet are hugely inspirational ladies in the world of pioneering ethical fashion. Finally, Malene Birger for her elegant sophistication and recognisable brand identity.

Discover and shop their wholesale collections through Kanekta starting late Summer, 2017. To learn more about Beaumont Organic and Hannah’s story visit